Second Time Moms' Group (baby and older sibling welcome!)

This group enrollment is often paired with:

Postnatal Yoga  

Have you recently welcomed your second child?  Come meet and chat with other second time moms and share your thoughts, feelings, and ideas about this stage of motherhood.  The Second Time Moms' group is a wonderful opportunity to meet other new moms of two and to speak honestly about the challenges, joys, and questions around having two little ones.  
This group is intended for moms whose second baby is between 0-6 months. Older siblings are welcome to attend, but moms can come with just your newborn as well!  Older siblings will have an opportunity to explore, play and interact within our unique space.  Each meeting is loosely structured but tailored to the needs of each individual group. Discussions are focused on the inquiries and issues related to each particular group, but a sample of what discussions may include: 
  • Addressing any behavioral changes or challenges in your first child
  • Living in triage: how to manage the many needs of two small children?
  • Your children's bedtime and nighttime needs
  • That ever-elusive balance between work, life, and kids
  • Adjusting to your role as a mother of two

Registration Details:

Older siblings are welcome to attend. There is no additional cost for mothers of twins who would like to join this support group. Mama & Me provides a clean, safe space for you and your baby, complete with a nursing and diaper changing area, free parking and elevator access. If needed, please bring your own boppy (BYOB) for comfort. Visit our neighbor Ula Cafe, for a child-friendly space to meet up with friends for lunch before/after the group has ended.

Cost: $144


TBA Shortly, please email to be notified of next available group.