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Preparing for Baby  |  Breastfeeding Essentials  |  Comfort Measures  |  Safety in the First Year

Preparing for Childbirth is a comprehensive class that helps expectant parents prepare for childbirth, maintain comfort during labor, and make informed decisions around the birth of their child.  First-time parents will learn all of the basic information about labor, vaginal and cesarean births, and postpartum recovery.

You may be interested in this class if: 

  • You are planning to give birth in a hospital, a birth center, or at home
  • You are looking for a condensed version of a childbirth class that is concise and fits around your work schedule
  • You want tools, techniques and coping skills for labor and delivery
  • You are planning a natural childbirth but also want to understand all available options and possible interventions
  • You are in your 5th to 8th month of pregnancy

Childbirth is a normal, natural process, but it is also different for every woman and couple. Preparing for Childbirth explores the joys and challenges of labor, and also empowers parents with information and tools to prepare them for the experience of childbirth, regardless of what their experience may be.  In addition, the class addresses how to consciously use intervention when needed, and what expectant parents may experience while at the hospital or at home.  Instead of encouraging any one method for childbirth, this class discusses choices and options during all stages of labor and delivery. 

In this balanced, down-to-earth, non-judgmental class, each individual’s desire for their birth is honored and celebrated.   

The class includes discussion and overview of: 

  • Stages of labor
  • Nature and purpose of contractions and what to do when you are having one
  • Assembling a support team
  • When to call your midwife or doctor
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Comfort measures
  • Pain medication options for all stages of labor
  • Medical procedures such as induction and fetal monitoring
  • Cesarean birth
  • The role of your support person or people

Cost: $189 

Registration Details:

One labor/support partner is welcome to attend class with each expectant mother free of charge. Participants should wear comfortable clothing that will allow for movement during class. Evening classes will allow for a break in the middle. Weekend classes will allow for a lunch break and bathroom breaks in between. 


  • 1 Saturday: May 11  |  10:00AM-5:00PM  |  REGISTER
  • 2 Wednesdays: June 5 & 12  |  5:30-9:00PM  |  REGISTER