Prenatal Connections Workshop Series: Meet, Learn, Connect 

Our Prenatal Connections workshop series offers an opportunity for expectant parents to come together, learn, and discuss relevant birth-related topics of interest. We recommend signing up for workshops in advance, as space is limited. All pregnant mamas and birthing partners are welcome, at any point during pregnancy.

Prenatal Connections creates a safe space to:

  • Connect and confide with those who can relate

  • Discuss relevant birth related topics with a knowledgeable birth professional

  • Gather resources and useful information for pregnancy and the postpartum period


Creating a Birth Plan & Useful Tips For What to Pack for Labor

  • TBA

Want to learn more about writing birth plans? The makeup of an effective birth plan? Using your birth plan to facilitate healthy communication with your care provider, hospital staff, and birth partner?  

The birth plan is a useful tool in communicating with your care provider and the hospital staff about your preferences during birth and the immediate postpartum, but that is not its only function. The process of learning and educating yourself about your choices makes you an informed patient who will be able to advocate for yourself in most situations. 

Attendees of the Birth Plan Workshop will learn about the structure of a birth plan, how to write an efficient and effective document, and suggestions for what to pack for the hospital or birth center. 

Cost: $25- Individual  |  $30-Couple