New Parents' Support Group (0-6 months)

This class is often paired with:

Postnatal Yoga  |  First Connections

The first months of parenthood are a wonderful time to meet new friends and make connections in your community. The New Parents' Support Group is a forum to connect with other new moms and dads by discussing issues and challenges related to being a new parent. This group provides an open forum to acquire information, share ideas with other parents, and reflect on your own process of adjusting to parenthood. Guided discussion topics will emerge based on the interest of parents in the group. Experts will visit periodically to address relevant parenting topics such as breastfeeding support, sleep issues, cloth diapering, baby sign language, introducing solids, etc.

Mama & Me provides a clean, safe space for you and your baby, complete with a nursing and diaper changing area, free parking and elevator access. If needed, please bring your own boppy (BYOB) for comfort. Visit our neighbor Ula Cafe, for a child-friendly space to meet up with friends for lunch after the group has ended.


Tuesdays | 12:30-2:00 | Ongoing/Drop-In | Cost: ($5 cash only)

** PLEASE NOTE: Our New Parent Drop In Group will be ending on Tuesday, June 13th. Please see other New Parent Groups available.