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No two births are alike! Our Preparing for Natural Childbirth class recognizes the uniqueness of each birth and offers comprehensive information on labor and delivery from a family-centered approach.  

You may be interested in this class if:

  • You want a comprehensive childbirth education experience, with exploration of both medicated and unmedicated labor options and how to make informed decisions on each
  • You hope to limit medications and interventions during your labor and delivery
  • You are planning natural childbirth and want techniques, tools, and coping skills for labor and delivery
  • You are planning a natural childbirth but also want to understand all available options and possible interventions
  • You are birthing at home or in a birth center and wish to maximize your chances of a natural childbirth in those settings, but you want to be knowledgeable about hospital proceedures if a transfer is necessary
In addition to the material traditionally presented in childbirth classes (such as anatomy and medical procedures), this class addresses alternative medicine for birth, negotiating a birth plan, and individualizing care according to your family's needs.  This class also includes hands-on tools and strategies to prepare expectant parents for the challenges of birth.  Participants will practice breathing exercises, labor positions, relaxation techniques, massage, and movements to help the baby pass more easily out of the pelvis during birth.  This class prepares expectant parents for the normal stresses of childbirth, equips them to cope with the unexpected, and empowers them to make the best decisions for their families. 


Key topics include:  

  • How to handle average, very long, and very short labors
  • A realistic approach to labor pain
  • The surprising role of pelvic exams in labor
  • The important roles of partners, loved ones, and doulas

Cost: $269  

Registration Details:

This 12-hour class runs in two formats with weekend and weekday options. Each class day will allow for breaks. One labor/support partner is welcome to attend class with each expectant parent free of charge. Participants should wear comfortable clothing that will allow for movement during class. 


  • 2 Saturdays: August 10 & 24  |  10:00AM-4PM  |  REGISTER
  • 4 Mondays: September 9, 16, 23, 30  |  6:00-9:00PM  |  REGISTER