This class is often paired with:
Preparing for Natural Childbirth  |  Comfort Measures & Optimal Positioning for Labor  |  Prenatal Yoga

This class focuses on the mind/body connection during labor and childbirth.  In this class, expectant parents will learn and practice breathing and relaxation techniques that can be used throughout pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Couples will process their intentions for their own birth experience and learn strategies to help provide comfort and relaxation.  This class is for first-time parents as well as those with previous birth experience and is complimentary to all childbirth preparation classes.

You may be interested in this class if:

  • You would like to learn learn deep breathing and visualization strategies to use during labor
  • You have taken a basic childbirth class and would like more methods and hands-on practice using comfort measures to prepare for labor
  • You have given birth before but would like to review comfort techniques for labor
  • You have not taken a childbirth class but are familiar with the basics of childbirth (such as anatomy and the stages of labor) and would like more specific information about comfort measures

In this class, you will:

  • Learn and practice guided relaxation techniques
  • Learn optimal birth positions
  • Practice stretches, massage, counter pressure with your partner/support person
  • Create affirmations and mantras
  • Learn partner-cued and patterned breathing

Cost: $89 (Includes take-home Comfort Measures Manual)

Registration Details:

One labor/support partner is welcome to attend class with each expectant mother free of charge. Participants should wear comfortable clothing that will allow for movement during class. 


  • Wednesday, November 15  |  6:00-9:00  |  REGISTER
  • Wednesday, December 20  |  6:00-9:00  |  REGISTER

More classes TBA shortly, please email info@mymamaandme.com for more information.