Little Movers (6-18 months)

Little Movers is a guided movement class focused on building gross motor skills in young children. Here children will be led through a variety of obstacle-like challenges on our soft foam mats. Shaped as waves, stairs, slopes, inclines, and tunnels, our mats provide a safe foundation for many new and unique climbing and crawling adventures. This 45 minute class is ideal for children ages 6-18 months who are mastering skills like crawling, rolling, climbing, walking, and balancing.  

Ages: 6-18 months

Cost: $150 



Mondays | 11:00-11:45 | Instructor: Sherry  |  REGISTER

Class Dates: March 13,20,27  |  April 3,10,24  |  May 1 (no class 4/17)

Wednesdays | 12:15-1:00 | Instructor: Andria  |  REGISTER

Class Dates: March 15,22,29  |  April 5,19,26  |  May 3 (no class 4/12)  |  Cancelled 3/15- SNOW

*Snow make-up day, May 10

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