First Connections (0-4 months)

This group enrollment is often paired with:

Om Births Yoga  |  Safety in the First Year

Early parenthood can be a time of transition and change. Many new moms benefit from sharing their concerns and making connections with other new moms in their community as they navigate the questions and choices of their child's first months. The First Connections group is a wonderful opportunity to meet other new parents and to speak honestly about the challenges, joys, and questions of early parenting.  With a small, consistent group of people, new moms will ask questions, share their experiences, and support each other during the first few month of their babies' lives.  Characterized by a warm, welcoming, non-judgmental environment, First Connections explores the journey of motherhood, while building trust and community among new moms.

This group is intended for mothers with babies ages 0-4 months.

Discussions are focused on the inquiries and issues related to each particular group, but a sample of what discussions may include: 

  • Support around infant sleeping and eating patterns
  • Your relationship with your partner, your postpartum body, and sexuality post baby
  • Exploring the culture of parenting, current trends, and how to sort through all of it
  • Returning to work outside the home: finding a childcare provider and making decisions around this transition
  • Your identity as a woman, mother, partner and caregiver: how to balance all of this?

Cost: $144

Registration Details:

There is no additional cost for mothers of twins who would like to join this support group. Mama & Me provides a clean, safe space for you and your baby, complete with a nursing and diaper changing area, free parking and elevator access. If needed, please bring your own boppy (BYOB) for comfort. Visit our neighbor Ula Cafe, for a child-friendly space to meet up with friends for lunch before/after the group has ended.


TBA- We apologize, we are currently looking for New Parent Group Facilitators. Please email us at with interest in taking this group. We hope to have a facilitator in place shortly. Thank you!